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I was looking at some of our many thousands of photos this evening, and thought I might do a slightly different post than our usual. Rather than write about any one trip, this time I’ve picked out a few of my favourite photos as of right this minute (my favourites change a lot), which I thought I’d share with you guys along with a little story about why I like each so much.



The view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. It is a pretty iconic scene in its own right, but it gets to feature here is simply because it is a nice photo from one of our first days in Europe. Now every time I look at it I get such a strong reminder of how exciting everything was, and it makes me want to go travelling again immediately, and I love it for that.



This shot is from inside the Piccolomini Library, within Siena Duomo. The real treasures of this place, for me, are actually the books and manuscripts around the outside edges of this room – worth a visit before you even consider the building that contains them. However, the colours in this picture are so vivid that it jumped out at me while I was scrolling through, and so it made the list.



Spontaneous, unposed photos are generally my favourite shots of people. I like this one because it is of the view I always get to see while travelling round Europe – Bridget just hanging out, usually in front of some amazing vista. If you look real hard at the background of this one, you can just about see the port caves we went tasting at later that afternoon as well.


We haven’t written about Turkey yet (I can’t wait to do so though – it might just be my favourite place yet) so I won’t give too much away, but this photo needs a share because it makes me smile. Karacaören was first bay we anchored up at during our yachting trip and was home to a bunch of turtles, who seemed pretty happy to let us swim with them. I love the ocean anyway, but getting to hang out with these guys made it extra special.



Maybe just one more from Turkey. This one was in the Blue Mosque, in Istanbul. Bridget wasn’t actually feeling entirely comfortable with the whole having to cover up thing and was trying quite hard to be grumpy, but I got her to smile eventually and I like the resulting photo. Very foreign, very happy, very cool.

Dunes du Pilat


Dunes du Pilat is basically a giant sand dune about 40 minutes drive from Bordeaux. And I really mean giant, too. See all those tiny spots on the peak of the dune? People, which helps give some scale to the size of the thing. It looks like a sheer wall rising up out of the trees as you approach it throughout the forest, and by the time you reach the top you’re actually really quite high up. I like the photo for how well it shows off the epic combination of sky, sand, ocean and forest that you got up there.



One of the most famous monuments of the world as a backdrop, in one of its greatest cities, in ideal light, with a beautiful subject; pretty hard to go wrong here really. I absolutely love this photo.



It was supposed to be Neuschwanstein Castle, but the weather was against us that day. After an hour of driving through the rain in a state of forced optimism, we ended up seeing the main attraction for all of about 30 seconds through a passing gap in the clouds. Once we’d given up on that though, we realised that the surrounding area was incredibly attractive in its own right, in these sort of conditions. I’m not sure why, but the misty clouds, broody hills and little solitary church all just work perfectly here for me.

Cinque Terre


Hardly a unique photo, but it is a great reminder of an awesome day spent walking in the hills. We went from Monterosso over to Vernazza, and had spectacular weather for our time there. We also met B’s family for dinner in Vernazza, so we both have some very nice memories of the place. The main reason I like this one though – it captures how the place actually looks. A lot of the time when I check photos later on I’m a little disappointed that they haven’t quite caught what I saw, but this one nailed it. Cinque Terre is well worth a visit, by the way.

San Gimignano


This one was a random little shot in a village called San Gimignano, from our stay in Tuscany. It’s that context which makes it a favourite for me – a tiny little place in the ancient Italian countryside, and B just looks likes she absolutely belongs there.

New York


An evening shot to end the post; very appropriate. This is on the Brooklyn Bridge, which is of course in New York City. Crossing the Bridge at sunset is a top experience there, and B and I were lucky enough to share it with some good friends – it actually capped off the first day we’d all been in the same country together for over a year (and, incidentally, marked the start of a fun night), which is what I’ll remember this picture for.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. We’ll get back into the usual blogs after this, but hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

Ciao for now.

4 thoughts on “Snap happy

  1. Wow, you take beautiful photos. I agree that spontaneous, unposed pictures are the best kinds. It really captures real life in an image! It looks like you’re having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing all your pictures!

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