Packing Cubes – the saviour of the long term traveller

(Bridget) Todays blog is not location related but travel tip related. Since we have been living out of suitcases for 50 days, I thought I would share with you something that has kept both of us sane. Packing cubes. For anyone who is confused, packing cubes are little nylon bags which you can use to divide all of your belongings up in your suitcase so that everything can stay neat, folded and organised. Before we left, I did do some research (yes, geeky) on different things that you should buy which make travelling for long periods of time bearable. Packing cubes were something that popped up in almost everything that I read, so in the Kathmandu sales, I picked up a few in case the hype was justified. What I did in my luggage was divide my clothes into 4 cubes: – underwear, socks, pyjamas, and togs – tops – shorts, exercise gear and dresses – warm weather clothes (jeans, pants and jerseys). These 4 packing cubes fit perfectly in my suitcase with room at the top for my toiletries bag, makeup bag, dirty clothes packing cube and shoes along the sides. This was seriously the best way to travel as it meant that everything stayed folded with minimal creases, you knew exactly where all of your clothes were (made even easier as each cube had a mesh panel so you could see what was inside) and you could literally pull everything out of your case and not have to spend hours stuffing it back in when you wanted to leave. Before I discovered these, I would spend ages folding things before I left on holiday and then within an hour of reaching the destination, my whole bag would be completely jumbled and chaotic. The packing cubes completely solved this. I have included some photos below of Alex and my suitcases so you can see just how amazing these things really are:

IMG_1958 IMG_1957

So if you are heading off on a long trip any time soon, I highly recommend that you invest in these.


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